Auto DJ


Sonny is our ever reliable, friendly autoDJ!  Sonny fills the airwaves when our presenters are asleep or doing other important stuff!  He will even play you your favourite songs from his collection!  


Rach G

Rach G has presented a few shows on Sonnet Radio. These shows include the Sonnet Selector, Charity Tuesday & co-hosting the Sunday Quiz


Stuart Boughey aka The Michalin Man

Hello Firstly let me introduce myself I'm Stuart Boughey Also Known As The Michalin Man or Double M. I'm a high energy person lots of fun and laughs to be had in any room I enter. I've had many many years of radio and DJ Experience throughout Cheshire. I'm born to entertain and love my 90's tunes, classic trance and them cheesy delights. Raised in Crewe but now settle in Winsford.


Piers Mettrick

Piers worked in a number of jobs over the years but trained as Chef in the 80s and worked in hotels for a number of years. He always had a passion for Music and Radio since working on Hospital Radio. He was then lucky enough to work on a number of Commercial Station across the UK. In between cooking & radio, he also found the urge to act in later life, and has Appeared in a few films and TV shows from Emmerdale to Wild Child & others