Sonny’s Jukebox

You Choose The Music!

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Monday 01:00 trending_flat 07:00
Monday 12:00 trending_flat 16:00
Tuesday 00:00 trending_flat 07:00
Tuesday 14:00 trending_flat 16:00
Wednesday 00:00 trending_flat 07:00
Wednesday 12:00 trending_flat 16:00
Thursday 00:00 trending_flat 07:00
Thursday 12:00 trending_flat 16:00
Friday 00:00 trending_flat 07:00
Friday 12:00 trending_flat 16:00
Saturday 00:00 trending_flat 08:00
Saturday 10:00 trending_flat 14:00
Sunday 01:00 trending_flat 08:00
Sunday 10:00 trending_flat 15:00

Did you know you could choose the music played on Sonnet Radio?

Well you can! During any of the Sonny’s Jukebox programmes in the schedule, you can choose the music you want to hear from our database and Sonny will play it for you!

Sonny’s Jukebox crew


Sonny is our ever reliable, friendly autoDJ!  Sonny fills the airwaves when our presenters are asleep or doing other important stuff!  He will even play you your favourite songs from his collection!  

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