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Angela Cox


I’m Ange C, born in 1974 in Crewe, Cheshire and grew up listening to 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music that my parents liked to listen to.

At the age of 7 I became a member of the Shakin’ Stevens fan club and around the same time became interested in the New Romantics and 80’s pop – I would record songs on my “ghetto blaster” from the charts every Sunday and avidly watched Top of The Pops, buying Look In and Smash Hit magazines to get the lyrics of my favourite songs and covered my bedroom walls with posters of my favourite popstars.

My favourite 80’s band is a-ha and I became a massive fan of Morten Harket – I still am to this day and was lucky enough to go to an a-ha concert in Manchester once to see him for real!

I also love the rock bands, general pop songs and power ballads of the 80’s – T’Pau, Heart, Alice Cooper, Meatloaf, Madonna etc.

The first vinyl I bought I think was “The Final Countdown” by Europe, followed by “Take On Me” by a-ha and my first album was “Hunting High and Low” by a-ha on cassette, which I listened to over and over through headphones on my Walkman. I later bought various vinyl albums

I love everything 80’s – the clothes, music, make-up, the freedom we had to express ourselves how we wanted and always joke that when pubs hold “80’s nights with dress up”, I would just turn up as my normal look as I still think I am in the 80’s – and yes, I do still put on electric blue eyeliner and mascara on occasion!

At the age of 15 I became a DJ to help out in my local pub and loved it, carrying it on to my early twenties as a mobile DJ / Karaoke compere doing all types of parties, functions and general events such as playing the music on a float in the procession of Crewe Carnival – great fun when going around corners to make sure the equipment stayed secure!

I first became involved in community radio in 2000 for a station who were broadcasting from the neighbouring office to where I worked at the time.  My company decided to do a radio advert on the station and sponsor a show, and I ended up getting an advert produced, and being a guest on the weekly “jobspot” on a talk show, which got me interested in how radio stations are run.

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