Stephanie Jay

Hi everyone, I’m Stephanie Jay, founder & presenter of several shows on Sonnet Radio.  I’ve worked in community radio at several stations, including being programme controller for Sonnet FM back in ’99

I’ve presented shows on hospital radio and DJ’d at several local pubs & clubs over the years. During lockdown (whichever one it was – they all rolled into one), a lot of people I knew were trying to do shows on Social Media which normally resulted in being muted and having the stream claimed due to copyright issues.

I always wanted to bring the Sonnet Radio name back to life, and I spied the opportunity to do it, first on Mixcloud and then via this very station after obtaining all the relevant licences.  I was lucky enough to have good friends and family who supported (and still do) this crazy idea.  It’s been one heck of a learning curve, and yes there have been some amazing laughs and lots of tears getting to this point.

Music-wise, I like a lot of different genres and styles, so long as it’s not too extreme!  I’d have to say that I’m really still living in the 80’s and musically that’s where my heart lies.

As for hobbies – I don’t really have time for anything other than this crazy radio thing.

I hope you enjoy listening to Sonnet Radio and all the varied shows we have, with some amazing presenters!

That’s enough rambling from me, I hope you’re still awake at this point! 🙂

First Vinyl 7″Single – Pink Floyd – Another Brick in The Wall.
First Vinyl Album – Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love.
First Vinyl Compilation Album – Raiders of the Pop Charts
First (and only) Tape Single – Kylie Minogue – Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
First CD Album – Go West – Go West.
First CD Compilation Album – Now! That’s What I Call Music 16
First CD Single – Haddaway – What Is Love?

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