Jay C


Born 1974, the youngest child of the family I was introduced to a wide variety of music from a young age, from the likes of Donna Summer, Joy Division, Tubeway Army/Gary Numan, ABBA, The Bee Gees & The Carpenters to name just a few.

At around 10yrs of age I was given a second hand record player & my first ever 7″ vinyl which was “Clout – Substitute”. I played this on repeat for hours to the annoyance of others LOL, I still love the song to this very day.

Moving into my late teens the world entered into the 1990s and BOOM…. I was in awe, this was set to be my favourite music era ever…. House, Trance, Dance & Pop.

My music tastes to this day still vary going back many decades but I will always have that No1 passion for the 90s.

As the years past I began listening to a lot more radio, especially local community radio.  In the early 2000’s I was invited to get involved in community as a volunteer by a friend, this time spent was exciting and very much fun, meeting so many new people.

Alas after 5 years though I hung up my headphones and moved on with life….. UNTIL……

2020 had arrived and so did a massive change to the WORLD. With everyone having to stay at home, people took to the internet for entertainment.  One day during mid 2020 our very good friend Stephanie Jay piped up with….”I have an IDEA!”  After many virtual meetings and tests, SONNET RADIO was born…..

What else do I do?

My main hobby is the Railways, mainly in model form (OO Gauge) but I do enjoy the full size railways too.

I own my own 14ft x 14ft Model Railway called Barnabas Junction, this can be found on Social Media.

In 2018 I founded a very popular & successful online Model Railway presence called MRYCG (Model Railway YouTube Community Group).  View On YouTubeTwitterInstagramFacebookWebsite

I am very proud of this achievement, growing from strength to strength every year with all the amazing help and support it receives.

1st Vinyl: Clout – Substitute (7″ Single)
1st Cassette: Smash Hits MASSIVE (Album)
1st CD: Haddaway – What Is Love (Album)

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