Rach G


I was born in 1978 and have always been very interested in music since as far back as I can remember.
It all started when I first saw Ultravox performing vienna on top of the pops when I was very young, from then on that era has stuck with me ever since.

From day one I soaked up different types of music like a sponge and have a very varied taste.

Musically my number one tastes lie with 70s groups such as Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre and the 80s synth era such as Ultravox, OMD and Depeche Mode but those that know me know that my ultiamte favourite is Gary Numan.

I like to focus on 70s/80s on my shows as these are the times that I know most about and i’m often known to come up with some very obscure facts about songs and bands that you probably didn’t know (or needed to know).

I got into radio as a friend of mine was presenting on a local station and it started there really, I sort of drifted in and never drifted back out and what a journey it’s been behind the scenes and behind the microphone but it was worth every second.

I’ve been roped into doing some silly random things during my time on radio and i’m not joking.

When I’m not on radio or producing shows behind the scenes you’ll probably find me at 80s Electro music nights, watching repeats of the Old Grey Whistle Test or doing my other hobby which is Karate.

I’m also a qualified Bus driver from 21 years of age so you could say I’ve had my finger in a few pies including paranormal investigating.

Podcasting is something else i’m involved in making too which can be fun, I’m also an avid podcast listener and like to bring ideas of things I hear to the table when it comes to media and broadcasting.

Where radio is concerned I’ll pretty much have a go at anything really, there’s only one way to learn and that’s by getting out there and doing it!

First record I ever owned – Are Friends Electric by Gary Numan

My ringtone is Yellow Pearl by Phil Lynott and I love dying my hair bright red.

That just about sums me up………apart from my love of animals – especially cat’s!

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