Take Part in Our Sunday Quiz


How to Take Part

The Sunday Quiz consists of 3 rounds each week.

The questions can be all pot luck or some weeks are based on a single topic; Rivers of the world or Harry Potter, for example.

The 3 Sunday Quiz Rounds:

The first round of the Sunday Quiz contains 20 questions worth 1 point for each correct answer. This round has 15 questions and 5 picture questions that you must identify by going to our Sonnet Radio Facebook Group. The pictures could be company logos or stills from adverts etc.

Round 2 also contains 20 questions worth 1 point for each correct answer. This round consists of questions only, which again could be potluck or a specialist set of questions on 1 topic.

There is also a music clip round. The clips will be played roughout the show at various intervals. There are 10 clips, meaning that there are 10 points available. 1 answer must contain the correct artist and the song title to get 1 point. Half points are not awarded. Each of the clips is played for around 3 seconds & all 10 tracks are played in 1 block of 10.

Submitting Answers For Each Round.

If you would like your scores to be officially added to our Leaderboard, each section of your answers must be submitted by the time given to you by the quiz hosts. Entries received after this time will not be added to then officially. Of course if you want to play for fun, that is fantastic. You will not be added, but you can still mark off your answers when they are announced on the show.

There are a couple of ways to do submit your answers to be added to the leaderboard at the end of the show.

Using Answer Forms

Firstly you can use one of the answer forms on the website for each round

Click the links below for each round which will take you to a submission form that is emailed directly to the studio mailbox. Follow the guidance on each page about Submitting your answers.

Upload Your Answers as an Image

If you prefer to use a traditional pen and piece of paper when answering questions, then that is another way you can submit your answers. Once you have completed each section of the quiz, take a photo and send it in to us

Click or tap here or on the image to open the file upload page.

Upload Your Answers to the Sonnet Radio Facebook Group

You could also submit your answers using the ‘message’ feature on our Facebook Group.

Before you can do this you will need to be approved as a member of the group.

You can submit as text or a photo using the method.

Click or tap here or on the image to open the Facebook Group.