That Friday Feeling

The 'Feel Good' end to your Friday - 'In the Mix'

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Finish off your Friday in the best way with ‘The Friday Feeling’.   The show is all about feel good Trance, Dance, House and Hardcore tunes ‘in the mix’.

With features such as ‘Retro or Remix’ and ‘The Random Record’.  For ‘Retro or Remix’, the ever-hyper Michalin Man plays the original ‘retro’ track followed by a song that is either updated, remixed or heavily samples the original.  The ‘Random Record’ is just that………a random record chosen by a listener, whatever it may be.

That Friday Feeling crew


Stuart Boughey aka The Michalin Man

Hello Firstly let me introduce myself I'm Stuart Boughey Also Known As The Michalin Man or Double M. I'm a high energy person lots of fun and laughs to be had in any room I enter. I've had many many years of radio and DJ Experience throughout Cheshire. I'm born to entertain and love my 90's tunes, classic trance and them cheesy delights. Raised in Crewe but now settle in Winsford.

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